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Topic : Thank you Silsden Councillors.

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02/12/2015 : 17:14:17      reply with quote

SILSDEN councillors are pressing for improvement work on a canal bank path known as "old manís walk".
They acted after a resident complained that the footpath, from Clog Bridge to Braithwaite Bridge, was in a bad condition and needed levelling before winter.
Silsden Town Council will ask the Canals and River Trust to assess the situation and put things right, and will also inform Bradford Council because the canal is in Silsdenís conservation area.
During a recent town council meeting, another resident requested that seats be placed on Bradley Green. There was a suggestion that two tree stumps could be cut-out to create seating areas.
Councillors received an update on a request that yellow lines be painted outside the football ground in Keighley Road and at the bottom of Skipton Road.
Bradford Council has not included the requests on its list of highways work over the next financial year.
Councillors suggested that local people who felt strongly about the issue should write to the council to support the proposals. Craven Herald.
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02/12/2015 : 20:46:58      reply with quote

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its a lot worse from brunthwaite bridge to stone bridge passed 7 hillssad :( they are doing the towpath from skipton to bradley now i believe.
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02/12/2015 : 22:38:44      reply with quote

The section of towpath between Silsden & Kildwick is, in my opinion, of less than acceptable condition. The section at Kildwick has obviously been improved for tourists etc. But from there,it gets progessively worse as it approaches Silsden. Indeed, as the towpath goes past & under the road bridge in Silsden it becomes an unacceptable mess. It then gets progressively worse after the aquaduct over Silsden Beck past the old Bridge pub, & its condition continues to deteriorate until it gets to the much improved towpath nearby Keighley Golf Club, as it approaches Riddlesden.
I understand that there is funding now available & that work is now ongoing to improve the towpath from Snaygill to Skipton, but that now leaves the stretch of canal towpath from near Utley to Farnhill which is in great need of repair. Does anyone know when our section of towpath will get remedial work done.
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02/12/2015 : 23:16:31      reply with quote

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The plan is to link Leeds and Yorkshire Dales. Not sure when our turn will come. The Bradley to Skipton section is costing £450,000,
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03/12/2015 : 12:14:54      reply with quote

Given that the Canals & River Trust (CRT) are a charitable, environmental organization, I have been asking about volunteering options with them for some time. Unfortunately, most of their openings are based in either Leeds or Wigan, both of which are run by different regional offices. There is nothing in this area at present.

I would rather suspect that these works will be carried out by contractors or their own operatives, given the plant and machinery that will be required for the work.

There are many sections of the towpath requiring work in this area, ranging from bridge repairs, towpath structure, vegetation management, walls and hedging to botanical surveys.
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03/12/2015 : 21:22:54      reply with quote

Good news if and when the improvements in our area are completed, both sides of the town are a mess with slimy mud and the choice of either sliding towards the water or the thorn bushes in many places. If the work is done I hope the notices around the Bingley section are added where possible, reminding users that pedestrians have priority is important as some well surfaced sections seem to be very popular with cyclists not equipped with a bell, or the politeness to warn people of their approach.

I once witnessed some rowers out practising approaching the swing bridge below Kildwick Grange, the coach on a bike warned them to lower oars and duck...the resulting crack of skulls on bridge and some choice language was hilarious so not all the dangers are on the towpath!
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