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Topic : Looking for someone to repair antique model ship

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22/12/2015 : 08:05:30      reply with quote

We have an antique model ship that was dropped and now needs repair. It is fiddly work and some parts will need replacing. I need someone who enjoys model work. I will provide materials and will pay 50 for the job. I am quite desperate as the model has serious sentimental value. I hope someone will be able to help us! Thank you.
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22/12/2015 : 11:08:43      reply with quote

Just a thought, ring round some good quality craft shops, they may well know someone.
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24/12/2015 : 11:57:49      reply with quote

I may be able to help. 07904342145. Or know someone who can.
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10/01/2016 : 14:46:35      reply with quote

Hi I might be able to do that for you, drop me a text on 07779058051.
Regards Steve
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Replies in this thread : 3

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