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Topic : Silsden Sports Club Fund

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11/01/2016 : 21:52:08      reply with quote

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By James Ferguson
Silsden sports bar needs your help after recent break-ins.

Please support Silsden Sports Club

We are a community based, volunteer run club offering football, cricket, rounder`s and running to the local and surrounding community.

We need to improve our our security having had two break ins during the last couple of weeks.

The stolen items had such a minimal value as we keep very little sock being on the doorstep of a local supermarket.

We need funds to try and add to our security, louder alarms, Infra Red CCTV, Police activation, committee activation, as much as we can to deter.

Sports Bar Chairman John Lohan said '' the 8000 is a estimate of what we need to upgrade our present security arrangement following advice from Alarm company security company and crime prevention department.

Every penny counts, please pledge us you support
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12/01/2016 : 09:56:10      reply with quote

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user wiped their message
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14/01/2016 : 15:55:15      reply with quote

Love or loath the Sports Club we are desperate to raise money to upgrade our security on the advice of the alarm suppliers and police.

They say the suggested upgrades, which for obvious reasons i can not list hers but would send if you emailed me, would act as more of a deterent, but they come at a cost.

We have little money as we invest it all back into the club.

Our Just Giving Page is,

Please help us if you can
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Replies in this thread : 2

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