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Topic : Yorkshire Air Ambulance

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11/02/2016 : 20:02:05      reply with quote

Thanks to all my fellow YAA contributors. Today I was walking with three friends, all 60+ (the wives call us 'the last of the summer wine re-visited') reaching the summit of Simon's Seat above Skyreholme around 1:00pm. One of our group collapsed (he has an irregular heart rhythm but has never had drastic symptoms before - we have trekked the Annapurna Circuit together). Within 40 minutes he had been whisked away to LGI by the big yellow air taxi with wonderful care and expertise. Last news he was doing well. Without all the donations this would not have been possible. Why is this service not fully government funded?

Richard Barton (don't like to hide behind pseudonyms)
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12/02/2016 : 10:50:55      reply with quote

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Thank you Richard and your Bowling Club friends.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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