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Topic : Break In Number 3 @ The Sports Club

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13/02/2016 : 13:52:06      reply with quote

Just a message to all be vigilant around your homes at the moment as we suffer yet another break in last night, Friday.

As you can imagine we are all gutted and upset down here.

Who are these mindless people taking as if a matter of right someone else’s property?

They stole ground working equipment we use to maintain the pitches, equipment we have bag packed or been sponsored in some way for and worked hard to buy, and will obviously need replacing.
Please keep a look out and if anyone is trying to sell any second hand “Gardening” equipment. Please notify the police.

An update on previous thefts, the police found DNA and matched it with someone out of Silsden and when they went to arrest him, he had disappeared.

Lack of police on the ground has stopped them searching for him, but they will keep calling back, occasionally.
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13/02/2016 : 14:44:01      reply with quote

presume when you say out of silsden you mean not from silsden? I suppose given the nature of the use there are a lot of people visiting the club from all over and anyone who is criminally minded will suss out whats what.Not sure what you can do about short of catching them in the act.What about large gates that are kept locked at the entrance
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13/02/2016 : 14:52:09      reply with quote

Makes it an even bigger joke, when the "authorities" keep trying to make out crime figures are down.
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13/02/2016 : 18:19:59      reply with quote

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Replies in this thread : 3

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