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Topic : full time job available

Harvey spicer
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24/02/2016 : 10:44:30      reply with quote


I appreciate this is possibly in the wrong section, but the jobs sections doesn't seem to attract as much attention, and this is an immediate position.

I have a small construction company and need a labourer,
ideally a semi skilled labourer,
with plenty of experience,
the ability to operate plant,
a driving license
and a high degree of common sense.

I have a full time position on sites in the Addingham, Ilkley < Skipton and Silsden areas

pay is negotiable depending on how many of the above boxes can be ticked.

please reply on here and I will give my contact details to suitable applicants.

I hope i've not broken any forum rules ?
and I will gladly donate to YAA if the position is succeully filled.
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24/02/2016 : 11:06:42      reply with quote

Job advertising on this site is always free.

Although the For Sale / Wanted area - is really for the sale and wanted requirement of objects, I have given up on enforcing the distinction between objects and people. sad :(

Most regular users of the forum will always start here:

... so in any one day your advertisement will be seen by 1400 people, most of whom will be local and 450 will be returning visitors to the site.

Thanks, Peter

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25/02/2016 : 07:32:13      reply with quote

I would be very interested in this position. I have experience of working in the building trade as a labourer. General duties including assisting Joiners/Plumbers & Electricans. I also have experience as working as a scaffolder. I hold a full driving license.
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Harvey spicer
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25/02/2016 : 11:18:18      reply with quote

hi Dandy

could you call me please me
07801 143323

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Replies in this thread : 3

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