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Topic : Unmarked police cars

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05/03/2016 : 21:03:14      reply with quote

Hi all, I posted about these cars last December and I can't believe I actually got pulled this morning by the very one. It was a fair call, slightly over the speed limit on a wide road but dealt with very fairly by the officers. Did my speed awareness last year so was good to get a reminder....
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06/03/2016 : 01:44:11      reply with quote

Who`s a numpty then , same car same result .
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06/03/2016 : 09:08:55      reply with quote

I drove through Bradford twice yesterday and even though the police are in the middle of a crackdown on bad drivers you still take your life in your hands.Yet they have the time to persue drivers slightly over the limit.
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06/03/2016 : 13:31:00      reply with quote

The thing is it's easier to prove you're exceeding the speed limit than it is to prove you're driving like a maniac.

Drive around Kly on a Saturday/Sunday evening and you're likely to get cut up/tailgated/overtaken/undertaken and subjected to all kinds of stupid dangerous driving but my beleif is that because the ethnic origin of these drivers is not white/british the police don't seem keen to catch and prosecute them.

Like already stated, easier to pull a few people on the by-pass instead to keep the numbers up only they won't catch me because I don't exceed the speed limit any more because I'm only too aware that I'm not immortal.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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