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Topic : Emergency Road Closure Tuesday 15th Feb pm

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14/03/2016 : 16:12:35      reply with quote

The road to Silsden will be closed to repair a collapsing bridge over the River Cobby, opposite the Telephone Exchange.

It is needed to carry out the necessary repairs safely, Bradford Council Highways engineers have ordered a closure of the A6034 from 8pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 15 March) until 6am on Wednesday (16 March).
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14/03/2016 : 16:59:17      reply with quote

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I would have thought due to what is called "riparian rights" Bradford Council own half the bridge upto the middle of the beck
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14/03/2016 : 17:10:56      reply with quote

If my memory serves me well, that bridge was built by a local farmer to allow access to their farm, primarily for milk trucks, avoiding the long route into Silsden and under the culvert. At a time when Belton Road did not exist.If this is the case will not ownership of and responsibilty for the bridge have passed to the current owners of that land?
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14/03/2016 : 17:18:13      reply with quote

Sorry guys but I'm closing this thread because it's started as "an announcement" and there is another topic on the subject with more information on.

Thanks, Peter
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Replies in this thread : 3

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