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Topic : local development plan

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10/05/2016 : 10:30:59      reply with quote

bradfords local development plan land allocations proposal is out for consultation and can be viewed on their website from today.Very depressing, need to get your comments in
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10/05/2016 : 10:58:01      reply with quote

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A new house near you?


The email received this morning detailing the consultation process and the links to details.
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10/05/2016 : 12:08:12      reply with quote

Aim of this consultation

The Council welcomes the submission of comments on any matters but at this early stage are particularly keen to receive comments on:

· The intended scope of the plan – what it will cover;
· The sites which should be allocated to meet development needs and targets;
· The greenspaces and environmental areas which should be protected; and
· Any information, evidence, studies or data which the Council should consider.

A range of supporting material has been published on the Council’s website to inform this process. In particular documents and maps have been produced to show the current list of potential development sites on an area by area basis. There is an interactive map of the district on the website which shows the sites in more detail.

The Council welcome comments on the suitability, or otherwise, of these sites for development and what type of development would be appropriate. However it has also issued a ‘Call For Sites’ which means it would welcome the submission of additional site options. Such sites should be deliverable and be a minimum of 0.2ha in size.

The main documents which you will find online include:

‘Background and Scope’ paper which indicates the things the Plan will cover;
Background papers which include lists and maps both of possible sites and also currently designated green spaces;
‘Call For Sites Suggestion Form’ – the Council encourage those suggesting additional sites to use this as it ensures that the Council have the right information to begin assessing them;
‘Call For Evidence’ paper;

The material for the Allocations DPD can be viewed from Tuesday 10th May at:

There is a nice interactive map you can add comments to. Please have a look an add your comments (it's very easy to use). happy :)

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Replies in this thread : 2

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