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Topic : Ear syringing at Silsden Health Center.

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26/07/2016 : 14:57:16      reply with quote

Just to dispel any misunderstanding. My wife has been told by a number of people that ear syringing is not now being done at the Health Center. I can confirm you can have your ears syringed at Silsden, that is if it is appropriate for you.
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26/07/2016 : 15:31:12      reply with quote

always done it middy ive had mine done there 3 times in last 12/15 years,but only as a last resort they like you to try drops for a few weeks first.
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27/07/2016 : 18:11:44      reply with quote

The drops don't really work and if you use the ones that are supposed to dissolve the wax for long enough to have any effect they irritate your skin. It's just another way to save money by discouraging people from getting treatment they need.
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27/07/2016 : 20:20:38      reply with quote

Get the ear drops with Hydrogen Peroxide, they work within a few hours.
The oily ones are a total waste of time.

You have to ask for these drops from behind the counter in the pharmacy, I think they are called "Otex"
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Replies in this thread : 3

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