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Topic : Shortcuts?????

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15/08/2016 : 09:49:13      reply with quote

On Saturday we went for a walk and our route took us down Brunthwaite Bridge Lane. Half down the lane a car caught up with us, having nowhere to get off the highway we continued on down the lane with the car following. After some distance we did find somewhere to stand and the car passed very slowly (we were only just off the hard surface).

In passing the driver said "we are avoiding the road works". We caught up with him at the bridge which was closed to let a barge through.

This was not a very good diversion for this driver, there were some more walkers the other side of the bridge which slowed him down again and if he had met another vehicle coming the other way they could have been there for some time.... sigh!

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15/08/2016 : 10:01:55      reply with quote

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with all the traffic lights we asked for it and got it "silsdens new bypass" loads are doing it 'sad :(');
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15/08/2016 : 10:21:34      reply with quote

Can the council do anything about this, It needs a sign putting up at both ends of the lane saying unsuitable for vehicles ,as we also need a new sign by the end of the cemetery saying that hgv's cannot use the back road as it is totally unsuitable, I can see this road from my window and if you get 2 large vehicles coming in opposite directions, there is nowhere for anyone to go and it is a standstill. I don't know why the council have not done something about this years ago.Can STC put pressure on for a ban on HGV'S using the back road
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15/08/2016 : 14:27:39      reply with quote

It's a nice walk down the lane over Brunthwaite bridge and up into Swartha but I think I will be avoiding it during busy hours (walking and driving).
During the gas works these lanes were used as a shortcut becoming quite busy with not all drivers willing to drive with caution and allow pedestrians to move into a safe place.

I set off quite early so the queue of outbound traffic hasn't been too bad but inbound at 6pm it has been slow but steady moving with some queuing spreading to the bypass.
Trying to nip through Kildwick doesn't save much time especially with Skipton road now busier so I've resigned to ignoring the big red lines on the sat nag and sitting in the Keighley Road traffic listening to my Spotify playlist.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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