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Topic : Can you help? - accident at Steeton traffic lights

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11/09/2016 : 12:32:57      reply with quote

Posted on behalf of Claire

I hope you can help. My sister was involved in a road accident in Steeton last night. She was at a junction where the traffic lights were out, edged forward and was hit by a car going very fast - she was turning right but her car was pushed over to the left. I realise this would be a lot easier to describe with the name of the junction (I will find this out when she's a bit better - obviously shaken up at the moment).

A gentleman was speaking to the police and said the lights had been out from 3; the accident happened at about 9pm. At the moment the accident looks like her fault but there was very little she could do without the traffic lights. Would you be able to ask on your message board if anyone knows how long the lights were out? Many thanks

Claire Wilcock
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11/09/2016 : 22:39:57      reply with quote

Assuming you mean the lights at the top of Station Road.
They were not working at 17.30 when I went that way, I remember thinking to myself how much better the traffic was flowing without them.
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12/09/2016 : 09:25:02      reply with quote

This may help the person involved in the accident as to how long the lights had been out of action, I drove thru the junction at 2pm and they were out then.
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12/09/2016 : 10:56:35      reply with quote

She should contact the Police and give them here statement (if not already done so) contact her insurance company give them the same information.
From what you have said she did what was correct and the other driver didn't, see below.

TRAFFIC SIGNAL BLACKOUT—If all traffic signal lights are not working because of an electrical power failure, you must stop at the intersection and then proceed when you know other turning and approaching vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians have stopped.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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