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Topic : Scam - supposedly from Virgin Media

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29/09/2016 : 12:56:38      reply with quote

Received an email with very authentic-looking email address (Virgin Media Webteam) stating my Virgin Media payment could not be processed and including a link for me to follow to update payment details. THIS IS A SCAM. As this is a hotbed of Virgin Media customers I've posted it as a warning but I'm sure no-one in Silsden would be gullible enough to be taken in.............
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29/09/2016 : 19:19:08      reply with quote

i have had this a few times and have reported it to virgin also my husband had it when he is not the name on the account we have with them so knew straight away it was a scam. we had to send it to virgin fraud team.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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