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Topic : Silsden Bullies

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30/09/2016 : 08:49:38      reply with quote

The bullies are back for whatever reason I really don't know 3rd year running. The target yet again is my son who has been through enough in his 14 years. So we're your kids at the youth club? We do know who they are and my warning is this year I will involve the police no more going to school and telling off from the teachers! Your old enough to be prosecuted now for criminal damage!
They may find pictures of themselves all over social media via cctv so far I haven't resorted to that but I'm getting close to naming and shaming them now. So if your reading this as a parent and you suspect your child might be involved please sort them out i would be very ashamed of my child if he behaved like this.
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30/09/2016 : 11:23:48      reply with quote

Bullying is unacceptable in any form, do something now!
Go to the police give them all your information before it is too late.
Bullying ruins lives, and can lead to deaths.
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30/09/2016 : 11:32:36      reply with quote

I hope you get this sorted. Awful to hear. I hope your son is ok. Tell him to keep his chin up as he is so much better than the little Silsden scrotes.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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