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Topic : We are loosing another shop

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03/11/2016 : 18:40:17      reply with quote

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Very sad to hear that Silsden is losing yet another shop.
Bradley's butchers is closing down, their last day of trading is Saturday 12th November.
I for one will miss them, Peter and Phillip are such lovely gentlemen and they always sell the best quality meat.
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03/11/2016 : 19:39:28      reply with quote

This will be a sad day for Silsden. Peter & Philip will be missed badly, I understand that the business will not be passed on to another butcher. I will miss the banter whenever I went in their shop, enjoy your retirement Peter.
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03/11/2016 : 20:27:47      reply with quote

great folk sad times the only one i use as well,thought lad would av kept it going.
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04/11/2016 : 09:19:09      reply with quote

Sad news, but I wish them well in what ever they do in the future.
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Harvey spicer
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05/11/2016 : 13:17:42      reply with quote

I cant let this carry on any longer

I know it's pedantic

but please edit the topic

it's LOSING not lOOsing ......
wink :)
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Replies in this thread : 4

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