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Topic : Ever wondered why Bfd Council dont turn down planning

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05/11/2016 : 08:36:43      reply with quote

Turs out its simple.The more houses they allow to be built the bigger a cash reward from the Government is

THE Government is to award Bradford Council more than £9m for boosting the number of homes in the district.

The New Homes Bonus incentivises local authorities to grant planning permission for housing projects and Bradford’s bonus for 2016/17 will total £9,122,809, new documents show.

Council bosses will meet next week to decide whether to allocate part of the cash to improve infrastructure in some of the areas affected by the new homes.

In 2015/16, 1,800 extra homes were built at a variety of different developments across the district.

A new report, by regeneration director Mike Cowlam, says that at 36 of these developments the council had asked the developers to fund upgrades to local infrastructure, such as schools and play areas, to offset the impact of the new homes.

But in the majority of cases, developers successfully argued that these payments - known as Section 39 agreements - should be reduced or removed because they made the schemes financially unviable.
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Steve 4708
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05/11/2016 : 11:50:27      reply with quote

The more housing BDC has on its patch, the more potential council tax to be collected. BDC are already overspent on this years budget so why not just allow building anywhere and fill up the coffers in the coming years from new bricks and mortar. Quite shameful really.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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