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Topic : The Flight of the Geese

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15/11/2016 : 08:38:46      reply with quote

At 10.15 last night a huge flock of geese came over the house.

We opened the window to look out but it was too dark and misty to see but we could hear the waxy wing flap and the noise was deafening and lasted 3 or 4 minutes.

The geese in the hen pens below us were calling back.

Apparently the same happened last week, any ideas why?

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15/11/2016 : 10:49:22      reply with quote

I believe they are roosting up on Keighley tarn.
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15/11/2016 : 15:23:45      reply with quote

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they come up over us nearly every other night at this time of the year,usually at dusk when leaving the grazing fields and going up to silsden res or further for the night.
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15/11/2016 : 15:34:26      reply with quote

You can hear them fly t'other way first thing in the morning as well - noisy beggars! lol
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15/11/2016 : 19:14:32      reply with quote

yep flown over this morning and early evening too
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15/11/2016 : 19:32:50      reply with quote

So how do you know they are geese? The other night when they flew over with the"I'm here, I'm here" it was pitch dark.
😃 😝 😉
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Replies in this thread : 5

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