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Topic : Why would you want to go to Bradford?

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20/12/2016 : 10:34:07      reply with quote

This is the latest idea from Bradford Council

The idea of selling off the Alhambra and three other venues is being floated by Bradford Council as cutbacks continue.

A management buy-out of Bradford Theatres - which also runs St George’s Hall, the Alhambra Studio and Ilkley’s King’s Hall and Winter Gardens - is one of four options which could be looked at, new documents reveal.

The four Council-run venues will receive a subsidy of £418,000 in 2016/17.


Bradford don't seem to be capable of organising anything to "make" money, only to blame cuts to their budget and their solution is to sell off assets. What happens when the assets run out?

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20/12/2016 : 10:47:09      reply with quote

i would`nt go to bradford if they laid on a free taxi,it is and always will be a s++t h++e,putting good money in for fountains a disgrace,nowt good comes from bradford and that includes their rugby and football teams 'laugh :D');
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Replies in this thread : 1

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