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Topic : on phone while driving

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24/01/2017 : 19:38:59      reply with quote

its about time the police hit these people hard and now they have done, as from march its 6 points on d licence and min of 200 fine,great stuff,get em off the road , 'happy :)');.try sitting on main road seats and count how many u see in 30 min,you will be amazed. 'sad :(');
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24/01/2017 : 20:32:13      reply with quote

Saw this on Look North where a reporter was out with a policeman. I would think the officer conducting an interview for television whilst driving would be just distracted as someone on the phone.And to make things worse he was one of those who talks with his hands so was always taking on hand off the steering wheel!!!
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Harvey spicer
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25/01/2017 : 06:50:41      reply with quote

one thing that really really annoys me even more, is when you see people in expensive modern cars, Range Rover drivers are the worse, on their phones

these cars clearly have built in hands free kits, but the drivers are so arrogant they cant be @rsed to get their phones paired with the car
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25/01/2017 : 07:16:51      reply with quote

A couple of weeks ago my boss reversed his BMW into my car in the car park at work whilst on the phone. It's just cost him nearly 500 to get my car repaired, and he still has to pay for his own to be done as well because he did not want to go through his insurance company.
He was on hands free at the time, but obviously not concentrating and totally ignored his reversing bleepers.

I just wonder what would have happened if someone had been stood there at the time.
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25/01/2017 : 16:35:33      reply with quote

The best bit about this new penalty is; that if they get caught a second time it is an automatic six month ban.
All we need now is for there to be enough coppers out there to catch them.
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Golden Oldie
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28/01/2017 : 16:12:21      reply with quote

Walking up from the bottom end one morning, young woman on phone with children in the back of car. What did we do before mobiles???
Sit on the seat at the end of Elliott and count the number on phones, not wearing seat belts or drinking from a thermos beaker.
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Replies in this thread : 5

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