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Topic : Lengthsman

silsden gala
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11/03/2017 : 09:52:15      reply with quote

Just to say thank you to our Lengthsman Neil for this mornings clean up. Local teens had a party in the park last night,a good sing a long and a few beers which I don't mind at all really,if only they could pop all the rubbish in the bin 2 feet away from them it would be better. I was out early with my dogs and was having a go at cleaning up but the minless fools had broken bottles so it was too dangerous for my dogs to carry on. I went down the park and was going to go back later without dogs when I spoted Neil,.5 minutes later he came back and got rid of the lot.
Thank-you Neil,you are doing a grand job and it's much appreciated.
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11/03/2017 : 13:16:18      reply with quote

I think that's a big thank you to you both, and it's not the first time you've taken it on your selves to clean up after them.
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11/03/2017 : 14:22:38      reply with quote

good job done,,,,hope the teens (dossers), parents know who made all this rubbish 'sad :(');
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Replies in this thread : 2

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