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Topic : Bus stop changes - is this a good idea?

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07/04/2017 : 13:15:11      reply with quote

Item 8 of STC March Minutes

Resolved that the council will forward the following suggestions to Bradford Highways and West Yorkshire metro.

1. The bus stop outside the Kings Arms should not be reinstated due to a. Its proximity to the proposed Pelican Crossing and b. It can now be classed as redundant because of the change of bus route there is a bus stop outside Twisters.

2. A new bus stop should be made outside Briar Deene.

3. The bus stop at the junction of Pickard Lane and Bolton Road should be removed. A bus stop on this junction is a hazard for people exiting Pickard Lane and Dale View.
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07/04/2017 : 13:18:15      reply with quote

could`nt agree more peter it makes sense.was there an accident this morning outside the king.
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07/04/2017 : 14:15:54      reply with quote

What a sensible idea from the town council, now maybe they could ask Bradford Met to designate the Keighley bus stop on Elliott St to no vehicle parking.
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Corky Yorky
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10/04/2017 : 11:04:45      reply with quote

“b. It can now be classed as redundant because of the change of bus route”

Can anybody explain this comment by the Town Council? What changes affect this stop?

Think and plan ahead that’s what I say?

When and if the new school goes ahead children travelling by bus will get off at Briar Dene and guess what?

They wont bother to walk down the road to the Pelican Crossing because that would make their journey longer; no they will want to head up onto Dale View or directly cross the road to go through the Park.

Thus the council will now likely have to put in another crossing higher up or slow down traffic significantly to allow children to cross the main road!

That’s my opinion.
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10/04/2017 : 21:44:23      reply with quote

How do children cross Bolton Road now?
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Replies in this thread : 4

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