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Topic : Bradford Council proposes new traffic orders for Silsden

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16/05/2017 : 11:26:44      reply with quote

No waiting at any time on two lengths of Bradley Road and No waiting at any time on two lengths of Belton Road and four lengths of Keighley Road.

Now I wonder why Bradford have suddenly come up with these suggestions after STC have been asking for these restrictions for at least the last 10 years...... could it be because they want to build 223 houses off Belton Road and a new school with the access along Dale View ...... SURELY NOT!!!!!

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16/05/2017 : 12:50:32      reply with quote

When I contacted the senior traffic engineer about our 2 applications for double yellow lines opposite the ground to keep the children safe and the traffic flowing better I got the reply below.
In our second application when told it could cost 10k I said I would raise the money!

Hi Barry,
I have now re-investigated the proposed double yellow lines on the A6034 Keighley Road, Silsden.
I regret to inform you that I still consider that proposed double yellow lines line directly outside Silsden AFC's Car Park entrance and for 15 metres beyond this entrance is the most appropriate proposal, which will improve the sight lines and road safety at this location.
If cars do continue to park partly on the pavement opposite the entrance to the ground, and prams do struggle to get past, then please let me know and I will inform our parking wardens and the police and request them to take action.
I appreciate that you may be unhappy with this response, however I trust that you can appreciate the councils position on this matter.
Kind Regards
Bruce Andrews
Senior Traffic Engineer
Traffic & Highways (North)
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16/05/2017 : 13:27:53      reply with quote

Yellow lines cost money, traffic wardens make money
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Replies in this thread : 2

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