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Topic : Is this van a dodgy one ?

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18/05/2017 : 07:41:23      reply with quote

I have just watched a large white un-marked "Transit" type van pull up at the end of Jacques Grove, the driver got out and applied some charity van logo's to the sides of the van and then started collecting charity bags from outside houses.

KR57 DFX - Headed down towards town, looks a bit iffy to me.
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18/05/2017 : 11:05:17      reply with quote

It is taxed and tested (if it was a Mercedes van). Still sounds dodgy though.
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18/05/2017 : 14:38:46      reply with quote

This should have been reported to the police as obviously it's not a genuine collection van. They are stealing from the charities that need these donations. These people will then be selling whatever they collect for their own use.
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18/05/2017 : 15:21:23      reply with quote

Might have been doggys van i would check if i was you
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Replies in this thread : 3

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