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Topic : Always be aware of cyclists

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26/05/2017 : 22:48:13      reply with quote

Big thanks to the cyclist who came downhill from Lippersley Lane onto Addingham to Silsden road without looking or braking approx 7.00pm today, near emergency stop for me and a swerve partly into oncoming traffic. Thankfully no collision, we are urged to think about cyclists, maybe they could help themselves a bit too!!
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27/05/2017 : 08:25:21      reply with quote

road rats are a danger to them selves,breaking all the rules of the road when it suits them,this day and age when roads are full of traffic they need to take extra care as well. 'angry');
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27/05/2017 : 10:33:43      reply with quote

Accidents waiting to happen, most of them would not pass the basic cycling proficiency test.
They ride with a total disregard for theirs and the safety of everybody else.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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