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Topic : Shop/office conversions

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07/06/2017 : 10:43:28      reply with quote

It seems to me that Bradford council haven't got a clue when it comes to passing plans for conversion of shops and offices into apartments/flats in Silsden.
Where the hell do they think the occupants are going to park their cars. Have just been told that the old Barclays Bank first floor has been granted permission for two one bed roomed apartments. Also heard there's a possibility Nadine's shop could be turned into 2/3 apartments. Then more than likely the post office will be next, where does it all end.
When parking was queried Aire view and New road were mentioned. That's just ridiculous, the residents have enough problems parking as it is as those from the pet shop,estate agents,hairdressers, apartments/flats, post office, fast food takeaways, etc etc choose to park there instead of the car park. Not to mention all the works vehicles that drivers don't want outside their own property.
It's time the council got their act together and started thinking of the residents of Silsden
who pay their council tax and get virtually nothing in return.
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07/06/2017 : 11:49:15      reply with quote

they could park in the car parks provided but dont want to pay same with the shoppers,but yes more and more flats the whole main st will be flats in 20 years time as on line buying closes the shops. 'sad :(');
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Alan Grop
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13/06/2017 : 16:34:41      reply with quote

The main street is changing from a busy high street shopping area, into a street full of houses or flats. Should this be allowed I ask?
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13/06/2017 : 17:44:46      reply with quote

I go to most of the STC meetings as an observer, but usually there are only a few people observing unless the bulldozers are on their doorstep. BTW it's too late to do anything then.

You could always object to a planning application and the details of the application are on the STC agenda. BUT, again when I look at planning applications online there are very few people who bother to put in any comments - so what do you expect to happen?

The next planning meeting is on Thursday - see YOU there?
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Replies in this thread : 3

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