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Topic : Why rebuild a bridge from nowhere to nowhere?

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16/06/2017 : 09:45:10      reply with quote

From KN

Work to replace Silsden Beck bridge triggers fears that floods could again threaten nearby homes


Marsel appear to be reinstalling this bridge or flood defence, but ironically this was partially the reason the flooding occurred in the first place when the old bridge collapsed into the beck.

"That old bridge had been used by milk tankers but was made redundant in 2000 when Marsel constructed their new factory".
Why reconstruct the bridge which serves no useful purpose as a bridge, you can't use it because the Keighley Road Beck wall covers the (would be) entrance - it doesn't go anywhere. The only reason I can see for reconstructing it is to act as a flood barrier - to restrict the flow of flood water at this point. This would enable the flood water which flows through the Aldi carpark and on to the flood defences at the side of Marsel house, the opportunity to rejoin the main stream below the proposed reconstructed bridge.

The money should be used to widen the culvert under Belton Road.

The colaspsed bridge

Flood water from Marsel House is pumped into Silsden Beck BEFORE the Belton Road culvert - note the large log above the culvert entrance which indicates the water was much higher than when this picture was taken. The area above the culvert is also lower which allows high flood water to overflow over the lowered wall onto Belton Road.

The Belton Road culvert does not have enough capacity and CANNOT cope with the flood we have experienced in 2002, 2008 and 2015

Floods 2015 on Belton Road

The money should be used to increase the capacity of the culvert under Belton Road.

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16/06/2017 : 10:06:53      reply with quote

yep there will be a pen pusher thats poss never been to look at site somewhere thats decided on this 'laugh :D');
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20/06/2017 : 14:57:30      reply with quote

There is no information on the "planned roadworks" website but the bridge to nowhere appears to require traffic lights on Keighley Road - expect delays.
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20/06/2017 : 15:17:18      reply with quote

This is getting ridiculous.. no warning, who knows how long will they be there...
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Replies in this thread : 3

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