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Topic : Yellow lines

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12/07/2017 : 12:05:45      reply with quote

Double yellow lines from Belton Rd onto Keighley road now in place.
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12/07/2017 : 13:22:57      reply with quote

And about time too!
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12/07/2017 : 15:44:55      reply with quote

A roundabout there would finish the job properly, but maybe that's too much to hope for. Maybe get it when all the new houses go in, or it will be chaos. Traffic goes far too fast there, needs slowing down and would provide safer exit to/from Belton Road for all.
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12/07/2017 : 17:03:22      reply with quote

Bradford don't believe in roundabouts, so traffic lights it will be. sad :(
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13/07/2017 : 17:20:34      reply with quote

What's the point of stopping the double yellow lines opposite the football ground entrance, the muppets will assume it's alright to park on the pavement from where the yellow lines stop. Just where you want to see what's coming from the opposite direction when the road is restricted by cars parking on the football ground side.

The request from the football club was to put double yellow lines all the way down Keighley Road (opposite the ground to the bridge).

When are Bradford Traffic going to do something we ask them to do?

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14/07/2017 : 11:08:57      reply with quote

Bradford, never have and probably never will.
Any how what is the point of any lines if there is nobody who will enforce them?
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Replies in this thread : 5

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