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Topic : Green Belt Review - the methodology

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19/12/2017 : 10:57:40      reply with quote

I received this by email and thought it should be shared. A typical Bradford document which leaves you wondering what it's all about and links which are obscure.

This is the link you need to start



You may be aware that the Council are currently in the process of producing a new Local Plan for the District. I am writing to inform you that the Council are consulting on the methodology for undertaking a ‘Green Belt Review’, which will form part of the Local Plan evidence and support the preparation on the Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD).

This consultation will begin on Monday 18th December 2017 and will run for 6 weeks until Monday 29th January 2018 (All responses should be received by no later than 5.00pm). .

The Green Belt Review will form a key part of the Local Plan evidence. The overall purpose of the ‘Green Belt Review’ is to assess areas of the green belt against its main purposes in national policy, to determine how it is currently contributing to those purposes. It is important to note that the final ‘Green Belt Review’ report will not identify land for release or development. The findings from the report will be used along with a range of other evidence in the allocation of sites in the Local Plan.

Aim of this consultation

There is no national guidance on how green belts should be reviewed. This consultation therefore sets out the Council’s proposed approach for reviewing the Bradford District’s Green Belt, as required policy SC7 of the Adopted Core Strategy. The Council welcomes the submission of general comments on the methodology but at this stage are particularly keen to receive comments on:

· The approach for identifying green belt parcels;
· The approach for assessing green belt parcels against the five green belt purposes;
· The local criteria proposed for assessing green belt parcels against the five green belt purposes and how these have been applied.

It is important to stress the Council is only seeking comments on the Green Belt Review draft Methodology (as set out in the paper). It is not seeking or accepting general comments on the green belt, the need for green belt to be released, specific sites or any other part of the Local Plan at this stage.

The consultation documents made available include:

A ‘Green Belt Review Methodology’ paper which outlines the proposed approach for undertaking the Green Belt Review.
A ‘Green Belt Review Methodology Consultation’ form– the Council encourages those responding to use this form and the consultation questions for making any comments.

The consultation documents are available to view on the council’s website and are available for inspection at the following locations:

Main Council Offices - (Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm; Fri 9am-4.30pm)

· Britannia House, Broadway, Bradford, BD1 1HX
· Keighley One Stop Shop, Town Hall, Bow Street, Keighley, BD21 3SX

Main Local Libraries - (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-5pm):

· Bradford City Library, Centenary Square, Bradford, BD1 1NN
· Bradford Local Studies, Margaret MacMillan Tower, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1SD
· Shipley Library, 2 Wellcroft, Shipley, BD18 3QH
· Bingley Library, Myrtle Walk, Bingley, BD16 1AW
· Keighley Library, North Street, Keighley, BD21 3SX
· Ilkley Library, Station Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HA

Copies of the consultation documents maybe downloaded from the Council’s website and printed as required.

How You Can Comment

Comments can be submitted by post or by e-mail. The Council strongly encourages the use of electronic and online methods of submission as it makes the processing and response to them quicker and more efficient.

Comments should be submitted torazz or in writing to:

Local Plan Group, 4th Floor, Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 1HX

Comments and responses must be received by 5pm on Monday 29th January 2018

If you require any further information or wish to receive advice or assistance on how to submit your comments please contact the Council using the contact details below.

Please note – submitted comments including names and postal addresses cannot be kept confidential as the Council are required by law to make these available. However, your personal information including telephone number, e-mail address and signature will not be published.

What Happens Next?

Following this consultation the Council will publish a statement of consultation setting out how the Council has responded to the main issues raised. When the final methodology has been established following the public consultation and any subsequent necessary changes made, the Council will undertake the Green Belt Review using the final methodology. The results and recommendations will be set out within a final ‘Green Belt Review’ report, which will made available as part of evidence at the next formal Local Plan Allocations consultation stage.

Should you have any further queries about the Local Plan or the forthcoming consultation, please contact the Local Plan Group using the contact details above.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Marshall
Planning & Transport Strategy Manager
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Corky Yorky
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19/12/2017 : 13:12:31      reply with quote

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However, it is normal practice to review methodology practices, because government guidelines change and also authorities try to take liberties by allowing developments in places they probably shouldn’t.
So in essence this might be good thing.
Phillip Davis (conservative) for Shipley only last year tried to address this issue, because of the pressures by Bradford.
See link:
However it can also bring to the attention, and make more public, changes that are more negative on the green belt thus giving Bradford more lever ability to build on it!

It is however difficult to say overall if this review is good to maintaining the green belt around Bradford as Bradford are obviously keen to concrete over it:
See link:

Think of the pressures Bradford are putting on Silsden, when there are plenty of undeveloped brownfield sites: including our local Weaverstyle site!!
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