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Topic : Routes around Kex Gill?

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20/06/2018 : 21:16:32      reply with quote

With Kex Gill closed and tales of horrendous roadworks t'other side of Otley how do I get to the A1 (heading for Newcastle).

I was thinking Denton road out of Ilkley then through Askwith and Town Head and past Trimble to come out on A59 by Swinstey car park and St Andrew's church.

Or can you just turn left before Kex Gill and go up North Moor Road, right on to West End Land and down Hall Lane to come out by the church again but on the other side of the road?

Thoughts? Thanks.
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20/06/2018 : 23:06:08      reply with quote

As i understand it they’ve got people manning the turn just before kex gill to stop people using the moor road. Not sure how legal this is but could be tricky. Pateley Bridge might be an option if you’re heading north?
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21/06/2018 : 10:13:44      reply with quote

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they have people at all entries and exits,all 4 kex gill top hall lane bottom top of road down to thurcross and the turn off on the pateley road further along from thurcross turn off,just say you are going to pullens camp site at breaks fold farm and they let u through.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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