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Topic : Plans to increase car parking space at rail station submitted

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07/11/2018 : 13:09:08      reply with quote

Long-awaited plans to increase car-parking space at a railway station in the district have been submitted to rail chiefs.

The expansion at Silsden-Steeton station, on the busy Airedale line, would reduce the need for drivers to park on surrounding streets.

...... He (Grogan) has invited parish and district councillors representing Silsden, Eastburn and Steeton, along with officers from Bradford Council and WYCA, to the gathering on November 30.

Mr Grogan held an initial meeting in June discuss a masterplan for Steeton, Eastburn and Silsden.

He wanted to generate solutions to challenges thrown up by increasing housing development across the Aire Valley in Craven Ward.



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Corky Yorky
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07/11/2018 : 16:54:28      reply with quote

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A Masterplan for Steeton, Eastburn and Silsden???

This is precisely the reason of why we shouldnít be part of any neighbourhood development plan!!

Silsden has very different characteristics that determine itself to be a totally independent community to those of Steeton and Eastburn. The obvious one being on different sides of the valley and disconnected!

Yes a masterplan could form a deffinition to join up those communities through better transport links, but overall what will happen is that Silsden will greatly miss out on funding because it is its own distinct community that requires its own initiative for a compleat drive for better transport network, such as a bypass!

You know as much as i that any money spent on the regeneration of this part of the Craven Valley will solely be spent close to Steeton for the Transport Hub and its transport connections at the Station. Iím not saying that a transport hub isnít a bad thing, but it does appear that were going to take the big hit of housing whilst we wont be getting a bypass to alleviate the traffic; meanwhile money wont be used in Silsden.

What are your thoughts?
Silsden requires itís own independent Masterplan.

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Replies in this thread : 1

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