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Topic : beware scam phone call

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27/11/2018 : 15:00:16      reply with quote

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this so sorry if not.

I have been called three times today by 01542 351458.
the caller either disconnects after four rings or cuts off if answered.

Heaven forfend if I spread untruths about this number (happy face icon should be inserted here) but it reminds me of a recent warning about callers fishing for call backs which are charged at a much increased rate.

so I didn't call back and am now considering new lucrative career in telephone crime (not really)

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27/11/2018 : 15:11:02      reply with quote

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lot off these calls are computor generated ,it calls several numbers and when one answers it kills the other calls,as most times they are answered the line just goes dead meaning someone else has answered first,i myself have had calls from that code number,usually sales of something u dont want or as you say could be a prime cost number to ring back,so i just ignore them and let it ring,if they are really bothering u just ad the number to your block list with your supplier.01542 is the code for keith in scotland .
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27/11/2018 : 16:00:46      reply with quote

Watch out for someone calling saying their number(mobile) is similar to yours and they gave it by mistake when registering a product.They will ask you to give them a code that will be messaged to your phone.
Dont give any codes as they are trying to scam you by changing one of your passwords
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Replies in this thread : 2

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