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Topic : multi storey car park

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08/02/2019 : 12:52:52      reply with quote

like the look of the plans for the 3 level multi storey car park at sils/steeton station,seems a good idea ,i thought they were buying the land in front of wood yard but seems not, wonder what thats going to be ?
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09/02/2019 : 17:36:20      reply with quote

i wonder, i really, really do......bang on
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13/02/2019 : 10:30:37      reply with quote

Had to go to Leeds with my wife for a very important Hospital appointment last week.

Could not find one single parking space; this was partly due to the workers of the local businesses parking in the Railway Car Park!!!!

I saw at least two cars (who beat me to the last places) park up and then the drivers walk up to the business next door!!

This has to be addressed!!!
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Replies in this thread : 2

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