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Topic : Overnight incident

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22/03/2019 : 07:24:10      reply with quote

Several blue lights near Aldi entrance.

Filling station closed and taped off with what looks like scene of crime tape.

Activity between 04.00 and 05.00.

Donít know any details.
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22/03/2019 : 08:39:18      reply with quote

The cash machine at the petrol station was blown up.
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22/03/2019 : 08:58:01      reply with quote

yes ,i always knew that machine was vunerable when they put it there,3 police persons guarding it now the deed has been done,must be waiting for crime scene officers to finish there morning coffee break.'sad :(');
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22/03/2019 : 18:11:25      reply with quote

I woke at 4am with Fire engine sirens this morning. Police cordoned off the road near the petrol station. Fire truck there as a precaution and turned around and left. Police kept the cordon around the station entrance until the shop guy started work.
Thief/thieves tried to use gas bottle and torch to open up the rear of the cash machine, but that happened at 12.30am and police alerted and came a few hours later. No one caught and CCTV images too dark/faces covered. Also, gas bottle was leaking, hence the fire brigade!
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Replies in this thread : 3

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