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Topic : Woodside Rd

Corky Yorky
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10/04/2019 : 18:52:41      reply with quote

Noticed this evening white road renovation markings have appeared from the top of Woodside rd to Westerley Crescent and no further!!

Given that it is the stretch below Westerley Crescent down to its conjuncture with Vale View is the worse part of the road one wonders whether this will get done or whether not or better still they have decided that their is too much to do and going to actually road plane the whole surface (because thats what is really required not just patch ups here and there).

The whole of this road is a complete mess. I wonder how many car suspensions are been damaged by this road? Everytime i use this road i am very worried about possible damage and possible accidents as a direct result of trying to avoid the significant hollows and raised bumps across its breadth and throughout its length.

I hope very soon this road gets done.
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Replies in this thread : 0

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