Philboard v1.14 Setup Help, Upgrade and License Information

What is Philboard?

Philboard is a linear message forums application written in ASP powered by an Access 2000 database. It includes a full administration backend, integrated moderator functionality, custom PBCode formatting for messages, user hierarchy and plenty more.

How do I install Philboard?

Philboard has been developed and tested on IIS4 and IIS5, but should run on any webserver which supports ASP. I strongly recommend placing the database in a directory that is not accessible via http, so that your users cannot download it. If your web hosting does not supply you with a directory such as this then you may wish to try setting the hidden attribute of the database.

All other scripts, documents and images may just be unzipped to a directory of your choice (ensuring the directory structure is kept intact). No other configuration should be necessary. Accessing philboard.asp via your web browser should bring up the Philboard forums listing. You are ready to go!

There is one file which specifies where the database resides. This file is conn.asp, and you will need to edit the database location specified here if you move the database location.

A default Website Member user has been set up already. It has a username of webuser and a password of webuser123.

How do I upgrade from my old version of Philboard?

Philboard v1.1 contains the following benefits over Philboard 1.02:

It's a pretty easy upgrade path to this new version. You of course need to replace the ASP pages (unfortunately losing any customisation you may have done), but as opposed to overwriting your existing DB, you just need to create a few extra database fields to make your old Philboard DB compatible.

These fields are:

How do I access the Administration Backend to Philboard?

Accessing philboard_admin.asp via your web browser will bring you to an admin login page. There is already an administrator set up, with a username of admin and a password of philboardadmin123. It is important that you change this password immediately to ensure site security! Passwords may be changed from selecting the appropriate user in the User Admin section.

If you grant a user admin status via the Administration backend then that user will also have full access to all admin features.

How do I set up the different forums?

Forums are set up via the Administration Backend. You may delete a forum or edit a forums properties by clicking the appropriate links by the forums on the initial admin page. New forums may be created using the form at the bottom of the page.

When creating or editing a forum, you select a status level for that forum. The default for a new forum is Website Member, which will allow everyone to post in that forum. Other available levels are VIP Member, which allows only VIP members to post in the forum, and Administrator, which only allows users with admin access to post there.

You may also select a Moderator for the forum. This user will not have access to the Administraion Backend, but will have administrative tools made available to him whilst in the forum he moderates. These tools include the facility to close/open topics, the ability to delete topics and the ability to delete replies.

WARNING! Deleting a forum will delete all topics and replies that were in that forum!

Important License Information

Philboard is a product which I've spent a lot of time and effort on. It is freely available for download by registered users of It may be used by non-commercial, non-profit making sites free of charge. However, commercial sites must make a payment of just $30 for use of the software after an initial 30-day trial. For payment information please email me at

Donations from users who find this application of use are very much appreciated and can be made by clicking on the Donate button on

If you use Philboard on your web site you must display the Powered by Philboard text, graphic and link which is located in the bottom-right corner of the pages. If you wish to remove the logo for use on your site please contact for licensing information.

No support system is available with Philboard, even with the commercial version. This is purely down to lack of time I have to help people out. However if you are really stuck, or have found a bug you may post a message on the forums on or email me, and I will try to help if I have the time.

Code is © Phil Ward of, and may not be redistributed in any other form than the original from

I take no responsibility for loss of data, loss of sleep, loss of hair or any other type of loss resulting in the use of PCS!