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Posted by: Bob The Dog  (Bob's Garden, Silsden) 1/30/20063:43:55 PM
Hi there
  Sorry haven't been out lately cos it's too cold. Why would I want to ride on a tractor when I have 4 wheel drive and I like walking, but thanks for the offer. I think you can hire cake tins from my friend Paul (Paul gives me nice dog biscuits) Lots of licks, Bob
Posted by:   (silsden) 1/29/20061:21:29 PM
hey bob
  hey bob why do w never see you. david throup really likes you and would like to take you for a ride on his tractor! do you still hire cake tins
Posted by: Thinas  (Silsden) 1/14/20064:02:03 PM
Not Seen You
  What do you do all day Bob? Type Or Play?
Posted by: Edward  (Skipton) 1/1/20068:20:35 PM
New Year
  Happy New Year Bob
Posted by: James W  (farnhill) 9/5/20059:19:19 PM
big garden
  you have got such a nice, big garden why dont you use it that often
Posted by: Bob The Dog  (Bob's garden, Silsden) 6/21/200510:15:37 AM
  I don't want to be just known as a dog that fetches balls!!!
Posted by: Jilicious  (Lancashire) 6/20/200510:14:39 AM
Bouncy bouncy?
  Hi Bob have been looking for you for months now but you're proving to be a tad elusive! Think it's time you did some ball exercise because it hadn't moved for days now! We don't want you getting middle age spread...!
Posted by: Bob The Dog  (Bob's garden, Silsden) 6/4/200510:24:57 AM
Catching the Rays

Gotta catch the rays when you can this year!

Lots of licks, Bob

Posted by: sandra holland  (Portsmouth) 5/31/20051:50:04 PM
  Hello Bob I have just seen you for the first time sunning yourself in the garden
Posted by: russ  (silsden) 5/15/20058:49:03 PM
see you
  see you on the canal bank sometime.that's where my mum takes me
Posted by: Michelle  (New Jersey USA) 4/26/20054:23:17 PM
Sing it Bob - Sing it!!
  Once again greeting from the USA Bob - have not seen you lately but your singing is like a symphony to these rock and roll ears
Posted by: Bob The Dog  (Silsden) 4/22/200512:56:55 AM
All together!
  Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala
Posted by: chew-it the hamster  (Where are you from?) 4/20/20059:31:14 PM
do you know
  hi bob i still havent seen you on your cam yet, just wanna ask you a question 'do you know the way to amarillo'?
Posted by: Freddie the Hamster  (Where are you from?) 4/4/20053:44:35 PM
Eh? Where's Bob?
  I've been looking for you for ages! I must have missed you - either been asleep or running in my hamster wheel! When are you usually in the garden?
Posted by: Jennie the cat  (Saltaire) 4/3/200510:19:29 PM
Hiya Bob!
  Hi Bob, me and my owner keep looking at your webcam, but haven't seen you yet... We live in Saltaire but are looking to move further up the Aire Valley as my older sister will be going to school in Skipton later this year. Is Silsden OK for cats as well as dogs? Or is it dogs only? Our family have a website as well, if you visit it you can see some pictures of me. There are some games for you to play as well! Lots of love, Jennie. xxx
Posted by: Bob The Dog  (Bob's Garden, Silsden) 3/28/20056:39:16 PM
Did you miss me?
  I was out in the garden today, did you miss me?

Tough luck on the fleas Nigel you should take "Frontline" like me - please keep your fleas to yourself.

I fancy lots of dogs but for technical reasons puppies are out

Hi rov crew - I still got the b***s and I can lick them - ha!

Lots of licks, Bob

Posted by: jo  (silsden) 3/28/20054:09:25 PM
wheres bob ?
  i havent seen bob the dog on the screen yet does he come out or type back ?
Posted by: Nigel smith  (aireview, silsden) 3/27/200511:07:28 PM
i love bob
  hi bob i'm no dog but have got a load of fleas and people have sed i smell like dogy, maybe me and you should get together, ur basket or mine!
Posted by: walt  (Silsden) 3/27/200511:01:55 PM
its dark
  have you got no lights bob, ive got a flashing light on me 1390 u could borrow
Posted by: Jenny  (Silsden) 3/27/200510:59:27 PM
Hi bob
  my dog fancies bob and wants puppies!
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